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After several years of working in the market of fabrics, sacks and big bags of raffia. Knowing the needs of these industries, in getting quality inputs and make constant investments in equipment, the BHComex, selected manufacturers of machinery and supplies for this segment.


Spare parts



Spare parts for looms, extruders, winders and sewing machines, Sarlinger, Lohina, BSW, Barmag, Union Special, Newlong, etc.





We offer the market an extensive line of machines for making sacks and big bags:


Cut and Sewing: the manufacture of sacks used two types of fabrics tubular and flat. We have solutions for both segments.




Automatic machine for cutting and sewing from fabric plane: Bags made of flat woven raffia or leno fabrics, called "bags in L", require sewing the side and bottom. This machine was designed to automate this process and dramatically reduce costs of labor, as part of the coil and delivery fabric bag ready. Being operated by a single person, a production reaches half of 900 units per shift. Widely used for packing onions.


Machine to paste band: the sacks for onion usually use a stripe with the product information, this track and glued to fabric system called "hot melt".




Automatic machine for cut and sewing tubular fabrics: easy operation and low maintenance costs, with an estimated production of 30 units per minute.



Sewing heads: import sewing machines of various brands and models, according to the specific need of each client.




Flexographic printers: there are basically two types of machines for this segment: the printing, the pieces one by one and there is the rotative machine that print the coils tissue before cut and sewing.



Other machines. To complete the line also offer: Press, straps cutter, fabrics cutter for big bags, etc.




We have the widest range of products, national and imported to meet the needs of manufacturers of bags and big bags with excellent quality products at competitive prices.


Flat raffia fabrics: made on flat looms with raffia polyethylene or polypropylene tissue planes, coated or not, are used in many applications from the sacks curtains aviary.


Sewing threads: we have sewing threads of polypropylene, made with raffia fibrillated or multifilament.




Straps and tapes: full line of straps and tapes for making big bag, manufactured in various strengths, widths and colors, depending on the needs of our customers.





To ensure the success of our customers and partners BHComex offers consulting services and / or management for all processes that comprise the import or export of their products, including:

  • Research and development of importing markets and exporting as well.
  • Produce and analyze documents; Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Pack List, Origin Certificates, Quality Certificates, Letter of Credit, etc…
  • Logistics: Contracting International Freights and Insurances for all modals
  • Tributary analysis of the merchandises to be commercialized.
  • Select and contract shipping agents.
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